Lifting social distancing measures imposed by coronavirus pandemic while protecting public health 23/3/2020


Use government emergency powers to force factories to manufacture FFP2 grade masks at massive scale.


Use military to distribute two masks per resident and include instructions for efficient use of the mask with a link to a government website with instructions in all world languages for migrants.


Use of mask must be enforced by fines and even detention for multiple violators. Military police must be mobilised to enforce laws with the police. Mask must be used when outside of person's main residence.


Start removing social distancing measures step by step in 2 week periods so efficacy of government action can be monitored within average incubation period and resulting new case load.


All new entrants to country's borders must be issued with two FFP2 masks and have a mandatory quarantine to control outside contagion.


Measures can be lifted after new case load collapses for two months to negligible amounts or when vaccine is developed and population is inoculated for herd immunity.


Development of COVID-19 contagion must be monitored constantly using random COVID-19 tests at mass scale and social distancing measures must be returned if case load starts to go up after lifting the measures if no vaccine is available.

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